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As a second generation family owned and operated Western Australian business we have lawn mowers in our blood.

There is nothing quite inviting as a freshly mowed lawn that's beautiful and green with the springtime cut grass smell. This is where our passion lies, Keogh's Mowers N more has been around for 40 years and can help you find the right mower for your garden.

Gone are days of each Perth backyard having the same lawn type started from runners. The average street in Perth can have up to 6 different lawn types in people's front and back yards. This is why it is important to get the right mower that's suited to your species of grass and terrain. Our team can help you choose a mower that suits your needs. Whether it's a two stroke, Four stroke, Ride on or heavy roller we can help you find your ideal mower.

We don't just stop at residential lawn mowers, Keogh's Mowers N More Perth also has a exclusive range of commercial lawn mowers. We understand the needs of landscapers and lawn mowers and know just how important it is to have lawn mower that's reliable, easy to service and cheap to run. Our experience means that you receive the best honest advice and fast service turn around times, so you can get back to mowing lawns.

At Keogh's we also have equipment available for hire,

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